I know that the fear of flying is very real for many people…but the stats show that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation.  That said, who better to say it than veteran pilots? So here are some things that pilots want you to know when it comes to just how safe planes really are nowadays. Starting with experience…

  • Pilots are required to fly at least 200 hours before they can qualify to be hired by a commercial airline.
  • And before they can be promoted to the captain’s seat, they need to have flown 1,500 hours on that same aircraft.
  • Pilots are also required to have periodic medical testing.
  • How often varies from airline to airline but they all must have a full medical check-up at least once a year and captains need to have one every six months.
  • On top of this, pilots go through an aircraft simulator test every six months… plus another test during a real flight once a year.
  • There are always at least two crew members in the cockpit for the duration of the flight.
  • And in many cases, there is a 3rd or 4th pilot for long haul flights.
  • And this one is kind of neat…usually, each pilot is served a different meal to minimize the risk of food poisoning among flight staff.
  • Before take off, at least two people, usually a flight mechanic and a pilot are required to give the aircraft a once over for any damage before it is cleared for flight.
  • There are also air traffic controllers on the ground that monitor your entire flight from take-off to landing. So there is always someone watching.
  • And you really don’t need to worry about a commercial flight running out of gas. Besides the fuel needed to get the flight from point to point, the plane also carries destination fuel for air traffic before landing — holding fuel for rerouting to another airport — contingency fuel to avoid major turbulence areas — taxi fuel for long taxiing period on the tarmac — and discrepancy fuel decided by the pilot at the time.

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