Let’s be honest, there are travel safety tips we’ve heard or even passed on to friends, but then totally ignored them on our own trip. I have been guilty of this in the past. But it’s time to start planning ahead and make sure you take these next tips seriously, after all they are for your own safety.

First, register your trip on the government of Canada’s website Travel.gc.ca. It is a free service that allows the Government of Canada to notify you in case of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home. You will also receive important information before or during a natural disaster or civil unrest.
Before you even book your trip you should check this same site for any warnings and advisories about travel there.

You should also leave an itinerary with a trusted friend or family member back home. That way, if you don’t return they’ll know exactly where to begin the search, instead of trying to piece together your steps.

This can also be helpful if you have a family member that worries when you travel — if they hear of something bad happening in the general region that you’re traveling, they can double-check that you’re not actually near there.

And make a copy of your passport. It might seem like a hassle, but if your passport is lost or stolen it makes it much easier to replace. You can also scan or take a photo of it and email to yourself.

This one you might not even think about…be sure you know the 911 equivalent to the country you are visiting.

You also need to make sure you buckle up and choose your transportation options wisely. The number one cause of death among travellers abroad is traffic accidents.Choose a taxi with seat belts and always wear a helmet when driving scooters, bikes, etc.

And. make sure you keep your seat belt on while flying. It can be tempting to unbuckle when the seat belt sign is off (or even when it’s on) just to get a little more comfortable in your tiny airplane seat.But if turbulence strikes, you could be seriously injured when you’re not securely strapped in. So there are some tips for staying safe on your travels… Now let’s get you travelling…

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