Sometimes air travel is so stressful that it leaves some passengers too frazzled to mind their manners in-flight. So here are some tips on how to deal with those annoying travelers in the most polite way possible.

Starting with the “Seat Over-Recliner”, if the person in front of you is reclining so much that the seat is crushing your knees, making it hard for you to eat or work properly- You got 2 options: you can either try reclining your own seat for more space or simply say something like “Would you mind pulling the seat a bit forward?”

Remember to check if this person is an adult, if it’s a child ask the parent instead. Same goes when you recline your seat, always glance back and make sure the person behind you isn’t using his tray table to eat or work.

This brings me to another flight offender- the “Seat-Kicker” –– If a child is kicking your seat, simply turn around and glance at the parent. The mom or dad will usually get the hint and ask the child to stop. But, if this doesn’t work, either ask the parent kindly, move to another seat if available or alert the flight attendant – just never try to discipline someone else’s child-

Now, there is nothing wrong with friendly conversation with your neighbor. But when you end up next to the “Chatterbox” and really just want a little peace and quiet…

You pull-out your headphones, eye-mask or laptop- make them visible- and say something like “It was nice talking to you, but I have to get some rest or some work done”.

This brings me to the next Jet-etiquette offender the “Personal-Space Hog”. If the person next to you is crowding your airplane seat area with their body or belongings, or even the armrest that belongs to your seat- say something like “these planes are getting smaller and smaller… would you mind moving your bag – arm – etcetera over a bit?”

And finally, the “Leaner” – that passenger who has snoozed-off and is currently using you as a human pillow – you have two options: you can either give them a gentle push, or the more subtle one: offering your neighbour a neck pillow …

And if this sleeping seatmate is in the aisle-seat and you need to use the laboratory-  don’t attempt to crawl over them just gently tap him on their shoulder and say “excuse me”, no need to say more.

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