Comfort and food aren’t necessarily important to travelers nowadays. So what is?

Entertainment and technology.

A recent report by a Southeast Asian technology company, Traveloka, narrowed down who the World’s most tech-friendly airlines are. They analyzed the top 50 airlines from the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2018 which are the best of the industry and compared them in terms of Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, access to text, phone calls and power outlet availability. Here are the top 5…

Qatar Airways, tops the list as best for tech. Qatar responded to consumer demand by launching its “Super Wi-Fi” service earlier this year, with speeds that can top 50 Mega BITS per second. Passengers are offered their first hour of high-speed broadband access for free, but can purchase unlimited usage for the rest of the flight for $10. Pretty reasonable – especially if you are traveling on a long-haul flight.

Emirates, another Middle Eastern airline, earns second place thanks to its excellent in-flight entertainment package, which includes 3,500 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games including LIVE TV from CNN, CNBC, BBC and Sport24. Emirates also provides 20 Mega Bytes of free Wi-Fi to be used within two hours.

Now, there are a couple of US airlines that made the list as well. While it trails way down at No.37 in the Skytrax World’s Best Airline rankings, Delta Airlines shoots all the way to 3rd place when it comes to its tech-friendly ranking. They score highly in connectivity, offering free mobile messaging via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage, as well as all-day Wi-Fi passes from $16.

UK flag carrier British Airways soars to fourth place because of its fast Wi-Fi speeds which average about 20 Mega BITS per second.

US budget carrier JetBlue came in at Number 5 on the tech list. It offers newly released movies and TV channels like as CNN, Fox and ESPN via seat-back screens on all flights longer than two hours. Customers also get free access to the Internet and free streaming via Amazon video.

And of all the airlines included in the report, most offered Wi-Fi so it’s definitely becoming more common but only a few provide it for free. Most allow a free trial period and then start to charge after a given amount of time. And all 50 airlines provided either in-seat power or USB ports – which is a really convenient.

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