Sometimes a rental property is the best option when traveling…especially to places like Hawaii or if you are traveling with a large family or group. I get asked my thoughts on renting a condos, cabins or even villas quite often…so here are my tips if you are planning a vacation rental.

  • Pay attention to what amenities are included with the rental property. The last thing you want is to arrive at a property and find that items you expected to see just aren’t there. Find out if there will be linens, towels, kitchen appliances, Netflix on the TV…things like that. Some properties come fully equipped game, beach and pool toys, free access to fitness centers.  You really don’t want to be stuck having to go out and buy basic necessities while on vacation…this brings me to my next point…
  • Be sure to book with a reputable company. Properties come in all shapes and types, from homes to villas, condos to cabins, ranging from one to upwards of 20 bedrooms. You can usually rent properties through a company or an individual. Professional companies can offer a range of benefits. Everything from concierge services, a 24/7 emergency contact, professionally cleaned properties, and fantastic amenities.  On the professional sites, you will also get a better idea of what you’re getting into…there will be photos, video tours and even guest reviews…good sites to try are…
    • Discover Vacation Home: this site recommends professional companies to book with by destination
    • VRBO: or vacation rental by owner. This site has the owners of the properties set up accounts showcasing their properties with photos and testimonials…they also list almost 200 thousand properties world wide.
    • Airbnb:on Airbnb you’ll come across a range of properties, from a shared apartment to a private island. Just like the other sites, there are photos and testimonials- I would always pay close attention to the reviews and be wary of renting a place without any.
  • So will these sites in mind, before you pay for anything you need to make sure that there is a rental agreement. Review the terms and conditions carefully. You don’t want to miss something in the fine print and be out money or have a bad vacation because of an over site in the contract.
  • And finally, the booking a vacation rental should be a convenient and secure process because companies offer reservations systems with immediate online availability and confirmations.
  • This also means internet booking processes with the ability to accept major credit cards. Be very cautious if asked to wire money…Advance payment can be common…so again…read the contract thoroughly.

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