In honour of Travel Best Bets Academy launching soon, I wanted to feature some of my favourite planners to get you all into the studying mood. There’s no better way to succeed at a new venture than by scheduling everything out in advance and sticking to it! Personally, I’m a big fan of physical planners to set a schedule (be it for school, work or life) as I find that I remember things better when I write them down and I can leave it open on my desk. Unlike digital planners where I minimize or close the screen and then never bring myself to open it again! I also love the feeling of being able to cross off a completed task, who doesn’t?

Below are a few of my favourites. Let me know if you know of any others that you swear by!

STIL Classic’s Get It Done Planner

The Get It Done Planner sits at the intersection of goal-setting and daily productivity; here to motivate you to be your best self. With quarterly goal and ritual setting to track on a weekly basis, the GID Planner will help you build the perfect routine. It also contains monthly, weekly and daily planning so you can stay on top of your tasks.

This notebook is perfect for those of us that love planners, and will use all of this books fun and creative sections to their full advantage.

STIL is a company that’s designed for, and run by, women with busy schedules right here in Vancouver. They are dedicated to empowering women to be their best, organized selves and want to make sure you have all the right tools in your life to do so. With a focus on simplicity, their organizational products can be used in many wonderful ways to fit your life path. Through their products, they hope to inspire all women to take charge of their busy days and buzzing social lives to make room for little moments that are just for you.

Check out their new classic 2019 planner, too.

Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner

Each two-page spread in the Weekly Notebook Planner is laid out to show the week’s appointments on the left, across from a ruled page for notes, ideas, tasks and thoughts on the right. Running from July 2019 straight through to December 2020, this practical, structured layout allows you to see each week at a glance, while also providing the creative space and freedom of a notebook.

What I love about this simple planner is that without having the flip the page, I can see my entire week’s schedule as well as a freeform to-do list for those tasks that don’t have a specific date. This planner is perfect for those of us who aren’t as used to scheduling and want something very simple and straight to the point.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is more of a method than an actual planner, if you’re not familiar with it watch their video here. It’s designed to help you organize in the exact way that works for you. It’s an amazing analog system that keeps a record of everything you could ever want to toss at it. However, it takes a bit more time to get used to and set up.

For those of us that want something completely customizable and don’t mind spending a little extra time to get it that way, then the bullet journal is perfect for you.

What’s your favourite planner?

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