It’s no secret that flying messes with your body. Sitting for hours leaves you at risk (albeit a low one) for serious blood clots, and then there’s just a general antsy feeling, that even inflight Wi-Fi can’t alleviate. Plus, sitting for hours in the same position can leave your muscles sore & legs numb. To help with this, I’ve got some easy exercises you can do — mostly right in your seat. While you won’t disembark your flight with a six-pack, these tips and exercises will help make your journey more comfortable.

Before Your Flight:

– Stroll around the terminal
– Avoid heavy meals
– Wear comfortable clothing
– Moderate caffeine intake

During Your flight: 

The foot twirl – lift both feet off the floor, rotate feet in circles, clockwise & counter-clockwise

The foot pump – keeping both heels on the floor, point toes upwards; then keeping both toes on the floor, raising heels up

The knees up – bend forwards slightly & lift one knee towards your chest, using your hands as support — hold 15 secs & repeat on the other leg

The shoulder roll – raise shoulders & rotate them in a circular motion, clockwise & counter-clockwise

The neck roll – keeping shoulders relaxed, slowly tilt your head to one side. Roll neck back & forth, then forwards & backwards.

The forward bend – bend forward so your chest touches your thighs. Hold for a few seconds & slowly return to upright position

The walk – every now & then, get up for a stroll down the aisle. Just not during a drink or meal service 😉

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of each move (skip to 2:02 to go straight to the demo).

Perform these exercises, stay hydrated & watch what you eat. You’ll emerge from your flight fresh & ready to take on your destination.

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