Although air travel is generally safe, you can experience some not-so-pleasant side-effects up in the sky. I have told you to watch out for Deep Vein Thrombosis, Jet Lag and ear pressure changes but there some other, lesser known changes that happen to your body when you fly.

You can get really dehydrated and your skin can lose moisture. The air you breathe in the plane cabin actually comes from outside and air at that altitude it’s very dry. Its humidity is under 10 percent. Ideal humidity for health is about 40 percent. You can help combat this by drinking lots of water, before, during and after the flight and have some moisturizer handy in your carry-on bag.

The low oxygen may make you feel sleepy, which can be a good thing but it may also give you a headache. The pressure of the cabin is adjusted to prevent altitude sickness, but you could still experience sleepiness or a headache. To help prevent a headache, drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol and caffeine but you may want to have some Advil or Tylenol handy just in case.

Another side-effect is that your taste buds may dull. The low-humidity dries out the mucus membranes of your mouth and nose, which can affect your sense of taste. You can help reactivate your taste buds; you guessed it, drinking water!

Now some people may experience a toothache inflight because of the pressure changes. Again, having pain medication handy can help if this happens to you.

Sadly there are some other unpleasant things that can happen on a flight which you may have experienced. First, when your mouth dries out on an airplane, you don’t have as much saliva, which can encourage bacteria growth and lead to bad breath Keeping a toothbrush & toothpaste in your carry-on and brushing mid-flight can help combat this.

Finally, studies have shown that flatulence increases in the air. The Aerospace Medical Association says our body’s gas can expand up to 25 percent when flying. Just what you need in a confined space with a bunch of strangers! If you do I feel especially gassy and need to pass some wind, do your fellow passengers a favor and try to get to a bathroom.

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