Flying so many times over the years on short and long haul flights I have definitely perfected my carry-on packing list. Here are some things I always keep with me on-board when I fly…

First, an Eye Mask & Ear Plugs. Whether you’re trying to sleep on a red-eye or in a hotel room, an eye mask and earplugs help you get the peace and quiet you will need to sleep.

I also always have pain medication, anti-nausea & cold medication. The last thing you want is to be suffering mid flight with hours to go before you arrive at your final destination.

And because planes are SO full of germs…I always have antibacterial wipes with me. I like to wipe down the area around me and they are great if you want to wash your hands but can’t get to the bathroom.

I always make sure to have some layers I can take on and off. Whether it’s a long cardigan sweater or pashmina that I can wrap myself in if I get cold. Just be sure it’s something that won’t take up a ton of room in your bag when you get too hot.

Make sure you have copies of your passport and travel documents. Whether they are hard copies or digital copies saved in your phone make sure you have copies in case you lose them.

Another thing people tend to forget is a pen for any customs documents given to you on the plane. The flight attendants do not always provide these so if you want to have it filled out before you land; make sure you have something to write with.

Finally… water and snacks. Whether it’s power bars, dried fruit, etc., you will thank yourself when your hunger hits you out of no where mid flight. And I don’t need to remind everyone again how important it is to stay hydrated during any flight!

Happy travels

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