So you have finally booked your dream trip abroad. Now the ultimate question: to splurge or scrimp on an international data plan? Well here are some apps where you can navigate, translate and catch up on your reading without those roaming charges because all of them can be used offline.

First, one of the most popular navigation apps is of course Google Maps. But what many people don’t realize is that you can actually save an area to view off-line later. Just search your destination, then hit the more icon and select “download offline map”. Perfect for directions and transportation!

For ideas and suggestions on what to do once you’re in destination, try the app Soon. Soon calls themselves your “everyday bucket list” with a special section just for travel- see what the locals are putting on their bucket lists to find out the truly authentic spots and up-coming events. You can even invite your travel companions to connect so you can create your vacation bucket list all together. Because really, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious vacation time commuting or research where to go longer than you have to.

Another practical app to manage your trip is TripIt. Leave the printed itineraries at home as this app automatically pulls information from relevant emails to compose one perfect organized list with everything you need to know. It even alerts you to gate changes at the airport.

And XE Currency app makes conversion a breeze. This one updates in real time and can display multiple currencies at the same time. Save yourself a math headache and keep track of exactly what you’re spending so you don’t end up blindly throwing cash around and going way over budget.

The final app that I love is Google Translate. It will translate text between more than 70 languages. You can also speak into it directly for instant voice translation or this is super cool, you can put the camera feature right over a sign, menu or even handwriting and it will translate it. So great!

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