People with allergies know better than anyone that being proactive is really important for preventing attacks. And just because you have a serious allergy, doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world. Here are some tips for managing serious allergies when traveling.

  • First, let everyone you book with know. The travel agent, hotel and airline. If you check in for your flight at the counter, they can put print you a special boarding pass which will advise the boarding agent to take the necessary steps and precautions. 
  • Once you get to the boarding gate, Show the agents the alert on your boarding pass and they will let you pre-board to wipe down your entire seat area. Let the flight attendants on board know as well.
  • And speaking of airlines, do you research on what the carrier’s policy is on allergies. There is usually a section on their website. For example, West Jet & Air Canada will make sure that there is a buffer zone around you where people will be briefed on your nut allergy. This includes the row in front of and behind you, including your own, on one side of the plane only. West Jet may also make an onboard announcement only at your request, however Air Canada’s official policy states they do not. 
  • For guests who have severe allergies to nuts, peanuts or animals, West Jet will move you to another flight or refund your ticket if you spot your allergen on a flight before take off.
  • Airlines also carry epinephrine and inhalers in their medical kits, however it is imperative that you bring your own, well labeled medication and inhalers on-board with you. You should have a doctor’s note if you have an EpiPen.
  • If you have food sensitives, I recommend bringing your own food for travel time. WestJet states they do not serve anything with even traces of nuts, and Air Canada offers free nuts only during their snack service. With your own food though you will be 100% sure of what’s in it if you are allergic to certain soaps, you should bring your own toiletries for the hotel room too.
  • And speaking of accommodation…you might want to consider staying in an apartment or condo rental. This makes meal time safer because you can sanitize cooking instruments yourself and cook your own food.
  • You must be prepared if things go wrong…so having medical insurance, as it is with any trip, is VITAL! Look into your insurance options here
  • You should also download the app mPassport. The app will find the local brand equivalent of a medicine that you’re looking for, translate medical terms and phrases, and help you find a doctor, dentist, hospital, or pharmacy nearby. You can even use the app to schedule a doctor’s appointment!

Read more about Air Canada’s policies here, and WestJet’s here

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