Chances are if you have flown before – you have been annoyed by a fellow traveler. But maybe you are just as guilty as having irritating travel habits. Traveling can be stressful. Some things are inevitable…line ups, security checks, cramped airplanes and those oh-so-annoying travelers we can come across. The ironic thing is that ‘you’ might actually be irking other travelers yourself. Here are some ways you can make sure you are on your best behavior when traveling…

Starting with being ready when it’s your turn…this can apply to many situations…airport check-in, TSA security checks, boarding the aircraft…you name it.

It is important to have your documents ready and your belongings organized. If you aren’t ready, step out of line and let others go ahead of you. If you aren’t sure about what to do…listen to instructions from staff and take cues from other travelers around you.

You should also be ready when flight attendants are coming around with their drink service. Not only will you annoy your other travelers asking to have all of the beverage options listed for you, you will annoy the flight attendant as well. There should be a menu card in your seat pocket…take a look and make up your mind before they get to your row.

Next, if you are going to put your seat back, look behind you and do it slowly. Make sure you put it back up during drink and meal service and unless you really need to recline…try not to.

Airline seats have gotten MUCH smaller as we are all well aware of and reclining really takes away that precious space that the person behind you has.

And if you are getting up, try not to grab the seat in front. Not only will you pull the person in front of you seat backward, when you let go they will fly forward.

Basically, NOT being an annoying traveler comes down to self-awareness and common courtesy. If we are all respectful of each other’s time, and personal space the world of travel would be a much happier place.

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