Tipping…it’s something that can stump even the most seasoned travelers. Exactly how much are you supposed to tip the staff at a hotel? And what about tour guides and coach drivers?

I find that even people who have traveled a lot in their lives still get stressed when it comes to what’s right and wrong when it comes to tipping. Here’s some advice that might help break it down.

  • At hotels, tip staff directly. Some travelers will leave cash at the front desk for them to distribute among the different departments…however in this situation you aren’t guaranteed that the money is going where you want it to. Instead, tip the employees directly who have served you throughout your stay. Housekeeping should be $2 – $5 per day.
  • $3 to $5 per bag for bell people, if you are using their service.
  • $2 to $3 for employees who call you a taxi or hold the door open for you.
  • And the tip for the concierge depends on how much you use his or her services, and what strings they might be pulling for you through their connections. For a simple dinner reservation, $5 to $10 is enough. But for more elaborate requests such as tickets to a sold-out show you might want to go as high as $50.
  • For public or group tours about $1 to $2 per person for a half day tour or $3 per person for a full-day tour is sufficient.
  • On a private tour with a guide who spends the day showing you the sights, tip $25 to $50. Good guides will include special stops…like a local favorite not usually included on other tours

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