Well we know that the Royals call palaces home…but what about when they are on vacation? Where to they stay? I found 5 amazing properties around the world that the royals of past and present have stayed at and the best part is, you can too! Let’s take a look…

First is Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Princess Grace, formally the actress Grace Kelly was a big fan of this stunning Bel-Air property.

While she was engaged to the Prince of Monaco she even lived at the hotel. Grace’s son the current ruler of Monaco, Prince Albert also visits the Hotel Bel-Air with his wife Princess Charlene. You can stay here in a standard room for about $700 per night.

Princess Grace also visited Italy often during her 26 year reign as princess of Monaco. Hotel Danieli in Venice was one of her favorites. She enjoyed staying at this luxurious property so much that they named some of its iconic suites after her. You can stay in one of the lead in room categories at the Hotel Danieli for about $800 per night.

And Prince Harry has been known to have fun and enjoy the better things in life. Last year he stayed at the Blue Waters Resort in St. John’s Antigua. The stunning property is an all-inclusive with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Harry stayed in the 2600 square foot penthouse suite but you can book a standard room her for about $250/night. Not too bad for an all inclusive!

And heading back in time again…but this time to 1920 to the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado California where Edward, Prince of Wales first met his American divorcee girlfriend, Wallis Simpson…who he famously abdicated the thrown to be with. At the time, Wallis lived at the beachfront hotel. You can stay at the hotel for about $400 per night.

And finally, Prince William and Kate Middleton stayed at the Matakauri Lodge when they visited Queenstown, New Zealand. They stayed in the owner’s cottage, a 5000-square foot freestanding home. But the good news is that all accommodation options at this gorgeous property have incredible views of the appropriately named “Remarkable Mountains” and Lake Wakatipu.

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