Some travelers avoid them at all costs, while others consider them their number one choice… I’m talking about “red-eye” fights of course. Flights that fly overnight – when most everyone else you know is sleeping. So I have weighed the pros and cons…and in my opinion it’s not necessarily a bad thing to get that flight out of the way in the middle of the night…here’s why:

  • Red-eye flights generally have the largest number of cheap seats allocated by the airlines. So even if all the good deals on daytime airfares are sold out – there’s a good chance you can still save some money if you’re willing to fly through the night.
  • Think about how great it would be to go through security when the airport and security lines are at their slowest. You can usually save yourself a good half-hour by traveling during off hours.
  • You’ll save time on the first day of your trip too… whether it’s for business or pleasure, I can tell you it’s really nice having that extra bit of wiggle room on the day of arrival to unpack, take a shower, freshen up a bit – before you head out for your planned activities.

As you might expect, there’s a whole set of “red-eye” travel tips out there, too – to make flying overnight more comfortable. Here are a few:

  • Invest in a pair of good noise-canceling headphones. Either use them with your own iPod or turn on the headset’s noise reduction feature that shuts out surrounding sounds.
  • There is no better time to carry that inflatable neck pillow because if there’s ever a flight to catch some sleep on – the red-eye is it.
  • And be sure to wear loose fitting, comfy clothes and warm socks with simple shoes that you can easily slip off in the dark.
  • Check out my On The Plane Shopping Guide for some items to get you started.

Just a few things to consider next time you have the option to book that 11 pm flight!

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