I’ve put together a list of some interesting facts about air travel that are worth knowing.

First, did you know that your body loses about 8 ounces of water per hour in flight! That works out to more than a liter of fluid loss for a 5 hour flight. So be sure to drink that water on board your next flight!

And, I know that the line ups when flying can be irritating, check-in, security, customs, etc., but if you think it’s annoying for you, think about your flight attendants! They are only paid from the moment they pull back from the gate until the cabin doors open on the other side!

Next, did you know that on long haul flights, and on bigger planes, the crew is able to take an actual rest — not just a sit down break in the galley.
There is usually a secret staircase that leads to a small compartment with a mattress so they can actually lay down and possibly take a nap.

Did you know that your captain has final authority about everything that happens in the air? They can detain you, divert a flight over your actions, and even take your last will and testament.

And that plane lavatory – well it isn’t as private as you think. For good reason, you can lock the bathroom door on the inside – and the flight attendants can unlock it from the outside! There is a switch on the outside of the door that can be unlocked, allowing access in case a passenger is sick or incapacitated, smoking, or two passengers are…well you can use your imagination!

Maybe you have seen movies where a plane loses engine function and suddenly drops from the sky…this is not true. Planes can actually function fine with one engine and if that last one fails even a 747 can glide. If an aircraft loses its final engine at 25,000 feet a pilot has about 50 miles to work with to land the plane.

Finally, when a plane is landing at night, you might wonder why they dim the lights. This is in case of an evacuation; the darkened cabin helps your eyes adjust to the darkness outside the plane.

I hope you learned something new here about air travel! There are so many interesting facts about both aircrafts and all of the people who are involved in getting you from point A to B.

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  • Joanne Long says:

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