Flying with children is always stressful and often expensive, when it comes to our children’s safety, it should always be put first. Although severe turbulences continues to be extremely rare, it only takes one accident to lose a child. Here a few ways to keep our children safe when flying-

  • First, purchase a separate seat for each child and use an FAA approved safety seat for children under 40 pounds. Being properly strapped in and with their own oxygen mask can make a huge difference in the face of an emergency.
  • You also want to seat your child in the window or middle row, as they’re farther away from the service cart and the overhead bins, where there’s a chance of things falling on or bumping them.
  • Bring safe toys to entertain them. Firm or sharp toys can be dangerous if they get lodged during severe turbulence.
  • And be sure to keep their seatbelts on at all times. If your child is old enough to take it off themselves, make sure they understand that just like in the car- they need to wear it at all times.
  • And of course, supervise them at all times. In case of an emergency or even slight turbulence, children will need help and comfort, so never leave them on their own.
  • Finally, if there is an emergency and the oxygen masks deploy, put your own on first before theirs. You only have seconds before potentially passing out, and you need to be conscious to take care of your child, so put theirs on right after.

It’s so important for parents to understand that their childrens lives literally depend on these choices over seating. While it may make the vacation a bit more expensive, safety should always come first! As long as you purchase a separate seat away from the aisle, your flights should go smoothly!

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