Traveling as much as I do means getting to know the best shortcuts and maximizing the resources available to me when I’m trying to work or just get around efficiently. Even if you’re not an avid traveller, these tips will come in handy.

  • Before you even book your vacation, considering apply for NEXUS. Although it is meant for travel to the United States, it lets you skip the lines in many airports so you will breeze through. Additionally, it serves as an official travel document, so if anything ever happens to your passport in destination, you’ll have a backup.
  • Once your trip is all booked, look into pre-booking airport parking. If you book online ahead of time at YVR you get a discount and can save a lot of time waiting for taxis before and after.
  • And when packing, use a hand bag with an accessible but secure side pocket. I always like to have a small pocket that fits my passport and documents in an easily accessible spot, that also doesn’t put them at risk of falling out. There’s nothing worse than holding up a line while you scramble to find something at the bottom of your bag! Here is my favourite bag: Briggs & Riley Tote via Amazon Prime.
  • We’ve all walked up to a power source at the airport and seen that they’re all full, so bring along your own portable charger. There are many inexpensive ones available today that can charge an iPhone up to 7 times without being recharged. So if you need some power during a delay or in destination, you’ll be covered!
  • Another way to make your layover more enjoyable is to purchase access to a lounge. Maybe people think that you have to be booked in business or first class to access these lounges, but there are actually many that you can pay to use. Generally you’ll find complimentary food, comfortable seats and plenty of outlets inside!

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