By Claire Newell

Nov 10, 2021

Finding ways to unwind and prioritize mental health has never been more important.

A new survey conducted by American Express has found that many people around the globe are planning to travel to help them relax and address the mounting stress they’ve been feeling through the pandemic.

According to the Amex Trendex online poll, 88 percent of respondents said travel helps improve their mental health and almost as many (85%) agree they feel most restored after travelling. A majority (62%) want to travel to relax and unwind and an even greater number plan to spend more on travel in the next 12 months than they did in the past year.

More than two-thirds are (68%) are likely to plan their next vacation around improving their mental wellbeing, with 60 percent dreaming of planning a wellness-focused trip. More than half (55%) are willing to spend more for wellness activities on future vacations. 41 percent are interested in booking hotels with wellness-focused activities and more than a third (38%) are interested in visiting a wellness resort on their next trip.

As for which wellness activity has the greatest impact on a person’s mental health. In Canada, the most common response was human interaction (39%) while in the United States, the leading answer was exercise (53%).

The main travel activities that respondents are most interested in involve exploring the outdoors. That was the top response across all regions included in the poll.

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