Getting through security can be pretty stressful at the best of times, but wearing the right clothing can really make the whole process a lot easier. We would all love to arrive in style but, sometimes – yes I am talking to you ladies – we must choose function over fashion to make getting through that security line up as seamless as possible. Here are some things I recommend you don’t to wear to the airport:

First, is a belt. Not only is it a pain for you to unbuckle and put it through the scanner, but it’s even more annoying trying to put it back on once you’re through. If you are a business traveler and require a belt with your suit, keep it in your carry on until you are through security.

Next, while the right jewelry can make a great outfit, it isn’t always the easiest thing to take off through security…especially if it has finicky clasps. Its best to stick to the basics, like a watch and wedding ring.
If you still want to bring jewelry to wear once you arrive at your destination, keep it in a separate bag inside your carry-on so that it’s easily accessible for security.

Also, don’t wear heels or sandals with more than one buckle. Keep it simple with comfortable flats that slip on and off. While I recommend looking put-together while traveling—don’t wear your heels. Even if you think they are comfortable, they most likely won’t by the time you get through security and to your gate.

Speaking of comfortable shoes, you may want to think again if you are planning on wearing gel inserts in your shoes.
Gel shoe inserts are not permitted in your shoes through security or even in your carry on luggage, so if you cant live without the comfort of your insoles in destination – pack them in your checked bag.

Next, if you are wearing layers you should really start removing them before you get to the X-ray machine. You really don’t want to be wearing anything you have to remove over your head, like a pullover sweater or sweatshirt. Stick to a zip-up style sweatshirt or cardigan so that you don’t have to struggle to take it off or mess up your hair in the process.

Above all, be patient and polite. Being at the airport can be a stressful time for everyone, including security personnel and airline employees

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