The online travel site Kayak recently announced their list of the top 10 trendiest travel destinations for 2019. Let’s take a look at which spots made the list:

First, the #1 destination searched is Mexico City. Searches have increased significantly with many opting to visit this amazing city for it’s history, culture, shopping and incredible street food.

Number 2 is Bali, Indonesia. It’s always be one of the most popular beach destinations in Asia… but more and more people are researching this designation lately.

Third, is Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Foodies and culture buffs will love the abundance of food stalls and French colonial landmarks here.

Number 4 is the Bahamas. It’s known for its crystal blue water and pink beaches. But there has been an increase in searches to its more underrated spots.

At number 5, the birthplace of two Mexican favourites, tequila and mariachi music. Guadalajara, Mexico has seen a big surge in interest.

At number 6 for top searches is Lisbon, Portugal which is perfect for travelers seeking street art, shopping and culture.

Paris, is always one of the most popular travel destinations and that will be no exception for 2019. It comes in at number 7.

Number 8 is Rome which year after year trends high thanks to its rich history and sightseeing.

Hawaii is always a popular destination and it looks like that is not changing, Maui, comes in at number 9 on this list of most searched destination.

And finally, Munich, Germany – a fantastic destination for tourists who love to view historic sights in the daytime, and enjoy a fun nightlife in the evening.

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  • Claire Fillion says:

    they are all neat places for sure. I am looking to go to Portugal for one month or so next year, sometimes in the fall. 2 females travelling together. 2 beds. Keep me posted.

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