Injuring yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cancel your travel plans. You can manage a trip with a sprain or broken limb that’s on the mend, depending on the severity.

Here are some tips if you have hurt yourself but can’t bear to cancel your vacation plans.

First and most importantly, talk to your doctor. A professional needs to clear you to fly otherwise you might slow the healing process or even injure yourself more.

And arrange for assistance ahead of time. You will do this through the airports directly.

Basically this is for a curbside wheelchair and/or a person to take you to the gate… and on the other end to take you from the gate to meet whomever is going to pick you up. Now, the airline industry knows how to manage people who are injured and traveling…and you typically will get to board the flight first – especially if you have a cast on your leg or arm, are using crutches or a wheelchair. But you will also be the last to get off the plane.

So, make sure to give yourself lots of extra time because getting off last may make it tough if you have connections.

And as far as luggage, try to bring a carry-on only to keep things simple.
And be sure you dress simply as well.

Shoes that are easy to slip on and off…no belt, coat, jewellery, etc. which makes things more simple when going through security.

Because you will be getting assistance. Make sure that you have cash in an easy to reach place so you can tip the people helping you.

And finally, try to moderate your fluid intake and use the restrooms before you get on board. The last thing you need is to be getting up and going to the bathroom a bunch of times during the flight when you are dealing with an injury.

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