Nowadays, sustainability and reducing one’s eco footprint is something many of us practice at home. But what about on vacation? If you are willing to change your bad travel habits it can be great opportunity to do your part in the destination you are visiting.

First, Book Hotels with Green practices.  Researching properties is simple. All it takes is a simple Google search of the term “eco friendly hotels” in the area you are interested in visiting. If you want details, many properties include green efforts on their websites.

When you leave the hotel room, turn the lights out. Many of us do this at home but forget when on vacation. Even those table lamps that often get left on are sucking a lot of power.

If you’re towels aren’t dirty – hang them up and reuse them. Also, chances are you don’t need your sheets changed during a short trip. So use that do not disturb sign…I mean how often do you change your sheets at home?

Transportation can be Green, too. Relying on biking or walking to explore your destination helps the environment because both create minimal carbon emissions. They also give the traveler a better sense of place.

If you are flying into a destination, pick nonstop flights versus connections — fewer flights mean fewer carbon emissions.

Also, go for a fuel-efficient rental car, an option with many companies today. Hertz, for example has a fleet of hybrid cars that are affordable to rent.

Once you’re at your destination – try to eat and shop locally. It’s the best way to minimize your carbon footprint and support the local community.

Don’t go to those big box stores and chain restaurants. And more often than not – you’ll end up eating really great food and making some great finds.

Be sure to carry a reusable shopping bag,  this way you avoid contributing to plastic bag pollution.

And limit buying bottled water…

I know it’s a necessary evil while traveling in many countries throughout the world. But where possible,  I would definitely recommend refilling your water bottle instead of buying a new one whenever you can. It’s cheaper and certainly creates less waste.

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