When people hear the words “travel upgrades”, they usually associate them with luxury or the desire for a higher-end experience. Sometimes, however, an upgrade might simply be better for your health and overall well-being. Here’s what I mean..

A better seat on a long flight. This is especially important if you are tall or have leg or back issues. The distance between standard airline’s “seat pitch” is 36 inches. This is the distance between a seat and the seats behind and in front of it. That’s not much at all…on a long flight this can feel very cramped and can actually restrict blood flow within your legs.
Try to book bulk head or exit row seats or find out if your airline offers a better class of seating that has more legroom. You can also check out SeatGuru.com to find what you are looking for and then pay any extra fees to reserve these spots.

Hotel Mini Bars are not only damaging to your bank account – they can cause trouble for your waistline too! I recommend asking the hotel staff to remove the contents of the mini bar if you don’t want to be tempted during your stay.
But, be sure to keep that empty fridge…or ask the hotel to send one up. Not only will storing your own snacks and leftovers save you money and make you less tempted to eat out as much, you can also load it with healthy snacks that your body will appreciate.

Next, try to pick a hotel with a gym and or pool. When I’m in a new destination I like to go out on foot to explore. It burns calories and is a great way to see a city, but if you’re somewhere that isn’t that “walkable”, so to speak, or the weather is yucky, a gym or pool for laps comes in super handy. Another plus – exercise helps combat jet lag so it’s a win-win situation.

And if you are arriving super early or super late in the evening, you might want to consider booking an extra night. Giving yourself that extra time can really help. Everyone’s mood will be better…especially if you are traveling with kids.
You may also want to book an extra night if you are traveling somewhere with a high altitude…think a ski resort or a destination like Machu Picchu. Sometimes people need an extra day to adjust to the high elevation.

And finally, and probably most importantly, buy travel medical insurance! We have all heard the horror stories of astronomical medical bills…so do your research and make sure you are covered for any and all incidents.

Happy travels!

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