I know it can be tough to pay a higher price for something when a cheaper alternative is available, but while you’re away from home is one of the most important times to splurge on quality and experience. Here a few things I think everyone should pay a little extra on

First are nonstop flights. For as little as maybe $50 extra dollars, you can remove uncertainty and risk from your travel day. Especially on a short trip, your time is the most valuable thing- so don’t risk missing that connection, which can take a day off of your vacation and introduce a whole headache of complications.

Next, are good quality and comfortable walking shoes. No matter what type of vacation you’re going on- be it a city, a wilderness adventure, or even a beach resort- chances are you’re going to be exploring your new area on foot. Nothing ruins a day faster than sore feet, so invest in a great pair of shoes that will last you years!

And for an item that will ease your mind, splurge on a theft-proof bag. I love my Pacsafe bag, they’re stylish but will keep your valuables safe. Hovering around $100, the cost is definitely worth the peace of mind that you won’t have to make a trip to the embassy because of a stolen passport!

Now this one may not be for everyone, but it should be considered by anyone who travels a few times a year: apply for a Nexus membership. Skipping those lines and speeding through the airport adds so much valuable time to your travels! The application only costs $50 and lasts 5 years, so for a frequent traveller it is definitely worth it.

Lastly, insurance. All types of travel insurance are incredibly important to purchase as you never know what can happen leading up to or during your trip. Although it may be annoying to pay a few hundred dollars and not end up using the service, the alternative could cost you hundreds of thousands. It’s the one splurge you hope you never need, but that you must have.

That’s it for today- but there are always new products and services coming out that can add a little to your budget, but save you in so many other areas. Always weigh the pros to the added cost when decided how much to spend on a travel related purchase.

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