Travel has improved in countless ways over the last few decades and there have been some major changes – just recently! Let’s take a look at some ways travel has improved lately.

First of all, planes have gotten nicer. Airlines around the world are improving their fleets. Air Canada and WestJet have added the 787 Dreamliners. These new planes have taller over head bins so suitcases can be placed on their sides, meaning more can fit in. And more airlines are offering better seats with more service class options – first, business, premium and economy.

The next improvement is that flights are going farther than ever before! Singapore Airlines has broken the record with an 18-hour, 45-minute route—which spans 10,400 miles from Changi, Singapore to Newark, New York. That is 500 miles longer than the previous record. And flights are only going to continue getting longer. Qantas’s has set a goal to have a 20-hour flights from New York to Sydney by 2022. Possibly on planes with bunk beds, child-care facilities and even gyms!

Another improvement is how hotels are taking on Airbnb, which means more choice in this type of accommodation. Hotels are finding success in the extended-stay model, with boutique apartment-style accommodation. Think large suites with kitchens at affordable rates and a lot of sleek Scandinavian-style design with great amenities. Similarly, new companies are entering the industry that operate like a hotel but provide you with actual apartments, such as Canadian start-up, Sonder.

Another cool trend is tented camps. Basically they are experiential properties inspired by the glamour of the African Savannah. They are popping up in Bali, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, Mexico, Costa Rica and beyond. These tents are anything but roughing it! They have indoor and outdoor showers, canopied beds, butler service and even private pools!

Furthermore, many resorts are starting to offer the luxurious over-water bungalow accommodation that was once only available in French Polynesia. Places like Mexico and the Caribbean are offering bungalows and it won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.

And finally, travel is improving when it comes to multigenerational trips and teen-friendly getaways. There has been an increase in what is called “skip-gen” trips, where grandparents take the grandkids on a larger scale tour or vacation and the parents stay home. This, in turn, has put more pressure on the grandparents to entertain those younger travelers, which isn’t always easy. As a response, travel suppliers are consulting with teens to help adults cater to their ever-changing preferences. So we are seeing companies overhaul their family-friendly programming which will help keep the eye-rolling and feet dragging to a minimum.

What new trends have you noticed lately? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

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