Many extended families don’t all live in the same city so what better way to have a family reunion than with a group vacation? It’s a memorable way to reconnect with your loved ones, but it will require some careful planning to pull off successfully. Here are some tips for planning the perfect family reunion vacation.

Set a date far in advance. Getting a large group of family together takes a lot of coordination. It’s best to start planning the trip at least a year in advance so everyone has a chance to get time off work and book flights and accommodations. Besides this, as you get closer to the date, availability goes down and prices go up.

And be sure you are firm about the date once it has been chosen. You want to accommodate as many family members as possibly but it’s not likely that you will find a date that works for everyone.

Next, pick a destination with lots of activities that all generations can participate in. Whether it’s a hotel with a pool and a spa, hiking trails nearby, fishing, boating excursions and other tours.

Essentially you want to make sure there is plenty to do day in and day out and people aren’t just sitting around bored. Not everyone has to participate in the activities but it is important that the options are there.

You might want to consider staying in an all-inclusive. The fun but also relaxing atmosphere is great for family reunions. You can separate for the day and come back together for a group dinner or spend the day outside the resort on a group excursion.

Another option is to get a rental home in the area. Make sure the property has multiple private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and good sized communal living and outdoor spaces where everyone can gather.

Look for rentals on, or You can also look into resorts that have on-site private residences. This gives you the space and privacy of a home along with the services of a resort like housekeeping and access to a pool, spa and other amenities.

Consider planning a big event for one of the days you are there. Examples could be a Mexican Fiesta, BBQ or a large group reservation at a fancy restaurant. Basically try to make one of the nights extra memorable.

So there are some tips for planning a family reunion vacation.

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