A new policy at the Hilton, which is also quickly being adopted by hotels worldwide, states that if guests don’t have their room serviced for 24 hours, the hotel’s management will check the room. Guests can no longer keep hotel personnel out of their room for days on end. Here are a few tips to ensure your safety in a hotel.

  • Most obvious is to lock your door whenever you are inside the room. This includes deadbolts, security chains, and swinging security locks. Even if you are just running to the ice machine, lock the door always! Better yet, stay at a hotel with restricted access- those that require the use of room keys to call elevators and access the stairwell.
  • Don’t accept a ground floor room. If this is unavoidable, request a room that faces the inside of the property- such as the pool or a courtyard- as doors that open directly to the outside are prime targets for thieves and others.
  • Once you get into the room, always do a quick bed bug check, wipe down any touchable areas with sanitizer, and put your valuables in the safe. This should always be the first thing you do! I suggest wiping down the tv remote, phone, light switches, thermostat and faucet handles, and giving the room a spray of the Ecodefence bed bug spray.
  • Also avoid speaking your room number out loud. You never know who is around you. If you’re travelling with a family, discuss this in privacy at the beginning of the trip so that everyone is aware the entire time. And if your hotel has the option to leave laundry or food slips on your door, never write your name on it.
  • If someone claiming to be from the front desk calls your room to confirm information or your credit card number- don’t say anything. Just head over to the front desk in person to see if it was real, and give them the information that way instead.
  • And finally, ensure that all the locks- such as on your door, window and connecting door- are functional and strong, and that there are no burnt-out lights in the hallway or outdoor area. A great item to bring along as a back up, is the “Belle Hop” door alarm, which features a motion-sensor alarm and flash light.

Hotels take very high measures to ensure guests’ safety, so you shouldn’t worry too much, but it’s always best to take responsibility for your well-being!

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