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Avoid Travel Inconveniences

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With more and more travelers taking to the skies every year – you’re bound to experience flight difficulties once in awhile. But with a little bit of leg work you can lessen your chances of running into a problem.

When it comes time to book – avoid connecting flights if you can. Airlines often charge more for non- stops, but it’s worth it for the convenience of not having to worry about making your next flight.

If there are no non-stops available, build extra time into your itinerary for the connection. Avoid booking flights that give you 45 minutes to change planes – especially if it’s at a busy airport. A two to four hour layover gives you time to get a bite to eat and stretch your legs.

If you can, book the first flight of the day as they tend to be on time. It’s also good to know what your options are should your flight get cancelled. Believe it or not – you can get around it. Know what the other airlines are offering in terms of flights to your destination. Some airlines, not all of them, will put you on a competitor’s next flight out if the reason for the cancellation was within their control. As soon as you find out your flight is cancelled – call the airline directly from your cell phone to try to get on another one. By the time it’s your turn to talk to a ticket agent in person – all the alternatives could be booked. If all else fails – make sure you and your kids, if you’re travelling with them, have books, games and other distractions in your carry- on luggage to keep you busy. And just remember to keep your cool. You’re likely among dozens, if not hundreds, of people who are in the same boat.

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