Administrative Assistant

Burnaby, BC

Travel Best Bets is looking for an office administrative assistant to work in our Burnaby head office.

Job Description

  • Prepare and sort documents / data sheets for the purpose of data entry
  • Establish entry priorities
  • Enter customer or employee data into prescribed database software
  • Put together client invoices and confirmations
  • Help agents with ticketing
  • Financial record keeping
  • Data management and integral office procedures
  • Verify entered data by reviewing, correcting, changing or deleting entered information
  • Secure entered information by creating data backups on a periodic basis
  • Perform document scanning work and link all scans with appropriate entries
  • Create and maintain logbooks of entered and changed data
  • Respond to information access and retrieval requests from authorized members
  • Assist in developing and maintaining improved records within the database system
  • Produce automated data entry and integration reports when requested
  • Point-of-contact between the office


  • Business administration diploma or courses preferred
  • Computer skills
  • Communications skills

Job Type: Full-time (part-time / weekend shifts are possible)