The introduction of car services like Uber and Lift has made it more convenient and affordable to get around a lot of major cities, but sometimes renting a car is unavoidable. Here are a few tricks I recommend to get the best deal possible if a rental vehicle is on the itinerary for your next trip.

It’s often less expensive if you can avoid renting from airport rental locations. I say “often” because that’s not “always” the case… especially in big cities. Check it out in advance. Sometimes airport locations charge extra fees you can avoid by venturing out a bit further.

Talk to your H-R department before you book your next car rental. There’s a chance that you have a corporate rate you can take advantage of that you don’t even know about. Brands like Hertz and Alamo also offer discounts to students, government employees and BCAA members.

Next, try booking multiple cars, then cancelling as you see rates get lower. Sounds a bit odd, but unlike booking airfare, you can generally cancel a rental car reso without a fee. You’ll need to check your dates every so often, and obviously make sure you fully understand the companies’ cancellation policies in advance.

And finally, don’t get sucked in to purchasing optional coverage before checking with your insurance company to see if you’re covered for rentals. Most of the time, you are. And if not through your insurance company, booking on your credit card might have you covered instead. Just takes a few minutes research to find out.

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